Yes, please! Feel free to contribute to the project.

I would be glad if you do! There are only a few things to keep in mind.

This project follows PEP 8, with one exception
  • This project uses tabs instead of spaces. Please do not submit PRs refactoring this.

If there are more exceptions from it, which I don’t know about it, please try to be consistent! And please try to avoid to mix big style changes with feature changes!

Thanks! :-)

How to update the documentation

The documentation lies on the branch gh-pages.

In order to build these, change into the folder docs/ and run make html. The files will be output into docs/_build/. The relevant files are under docs/_build/html/. These are the ones that are on the gh-pages branch.

The easiest way to update the documentation would be to:
  • git clone python-mattermost-driver-docs
  • cd python-mattermost-driver-docs
  • git checkout gh-pages
  • cp -r python-mattermostdriver/docs/_build/html/. python-mattermost-driver-docs/
  • Check the changed files with git status
  • Add them and commit/push